+ How do I sign up to join Steve Nash Youth Basketball?

SNYB programs are set up in numerous communities across Canada, with new sites joining every year. To find an SNYB program in your community click here to get started!   

+ What is the age range for Steve Nash Youth Basketball?

The general age range for SNYB is 6 – 12 years old.  However, as age is not the best way to categorize developing players the SNYB program is easily adaptable to accommodate a wide range of participant ages and abilities. For more information on the LTAD Model and its guidelines click here.  

+ How do I start up a Steve Nash Youth Basketball program in my local community?

SNYB makes starting your own program site simple and easy, providing you with all the necessary tools and resources.  To learn more about hosting an SNYB program in your community click here to get started!  

+ How do I become a Steve Nash Youth Basketball coach?

Anyone can become a volunteer coach with SNYB – no basketball experience required.  SNYB coaches will have the opportunity to take the 6-hour NCCP Community Coach workshop, the first step to full NCCP certification.  All SNYB coaches are also provided with the official SNYB Coaches Manual, which includes a curriculum, lesson plans, teaching tips, drills, games, and modified rules.
To find an SNYB program in your community click here or contact your provincial or territorial sport organization.  

+ What do I learn from the Steve Nash Youth Basketball program?

SNYB instructs participants in the fundamental skills for the game of basketball, breaking the game up into discrete skill categories including footwork, defense, ball handling and dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and offensive and defensive concepts. SNYB is also committed to developing a well-rounded youth athlete, with lessons also highlighting life skills such as fair play, teamwork, nutrition, self-confidence, and mental health.  

+ What is the cost to join Steve Nash Youth Basketball?

The cost to join SNYB varies across provinces, communities, and program sites.  These differences are due to varied facility costs, administrative costs, liability, additional supplies or equipment, and other costs associated with the local program.

+ What is the relationship between Steve Nash Youth Basketball and Tangerine? 

SNYB is proud to team up with Tangerine Bank as the SNYB Presenting Partner.  Tangerine’s #BrightWayForward initiative provides financial resources and volunteer hours to help effectively deliver community programs such as SNYB, empowering young Canadians through the sport of basketball.
Tangerine’s partnership adds considerable value to SNYB, providing additional resources and support, helping to introduce SNYB to new communities, and enriching program offerings for participating clubs. The “Tangerine Kid of the Week” also recognizes young athletes who demonstrate the values of empowerment, teamwork, and inclusiveness.