Our Targeted Athlete Strategy (TAS) Program is part of our Age Group National Team program designed to assist and guide the development of the targeted athlete. In a team sport such as basketball, much of the training and competitive opportunities that exist within a team’s season and structure are focused around the development of the team. Athletes training in the high performance stream require enhanced individualized development that can be overlooked in a competition/team environment. TAS provides the athlete with the resources athletes need to ensure enhanced development training. Regular sessions from September 2014 to June 2015, will provide selected targeted athletes with the training necessary to develop on-court and off-court skills in hopes to represent our country at international competitions.

The targeted athlete strategy (TAS) surrounds identified Canadian athletes, at each stage of LTAD, with the individualized support that athletes need in their development to enhance what the team based system already provides.  Working with provincial partners, TAS identifies top athletes within the national team program’s depth chart and assesses those athletes to determine their individual areas of need in various core areas of development.

Athletes interested in TAS should contact their provincial organizations as a first step, as we work closely with the provinces in identifying athletes.